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Recent Papers
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A determinant inequality and log - majorization for operators January 2016
Tracial and Majorisation Heinz mean-type inequalities for matrices January 2016
Inverse Young inequality in quaternionic matrices January 2016
Matrix form of the inverse Young inequality September 2015
More Results on Numerical Radius and Unitarily Invariant Norms of Matrices December 2015
Some properties of operators preserving convex majorization on disceret l p spaces January 2015
On Young and Heinz inequalities for faithful tracial states July 2015
Conference Papers
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Spectrum and Eigenvalues of Quaternion Matrices August 2015
On Products and Functions of Totally Positive Matrices January 2015
Matrix inverse Young inequalities May 2015
Heinz mean-type Inequalities in Operastor Algebras January 2015
The critical exponent for powers of doubly nonnegative matrices November 2015
Majorization and its application to quantum mechanics January 2015
Inequalities for Kronecker product of Matrices August 2015
Totally positive matrices and totally positive preserving functions February 2014
Heinz Mean-type ineaqualities for singular values of matrices August 2014
Totally nonnegative matrices and its application February 2013
Hadamard powers of totally positive matrices June 2012
Operator- valued Bochner integrable function and Jensens inequality May 2009
Operator monotone and Operator convex functions April 2009
Operator-Valued Bochner Integrable Functions and Jensen's Inequality May 2009
Trace class operator inequalities April 2009
Inner spectral radius inequalities for positive operators on Hilbert Spaces April 2008
Operator-valued measurable function and operator valued measure August 2008
Youngs inequalities for Hilbert space operators April 2008
Majorisation in Semifinite Von Neumann Algebras April 2007
Youngs inequality for the trace of operators February 2005
Holder and Youngs inequalities for trace of matrices June 2005
Majorization and its application in probability June 2004
oungs inequality in semifinite von Neumann algebras May 2003
Journal Papers
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Operator-valued Bochner integrable functions and Jensen’s inequality August 2013
Majorization on ℓ∞ and on its closed linear subspace c , and their linear preservers January 2012
Linear preservers of majorization on ℓp(I) January 2012
Inner Spectral Radius inequalities for positive operators’ matrices February 2008
Holder and Young’s inequalities for trace of operators January 2007
Spectral dominance and Young’s inequality in type III Factors January 2006
Young’s inequality in operator algebras January 2005
A formula for inner radius spectrum June 2004
Majorization and its application in probability August 2004
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Differential Equations and its Applications January 2010
Multivariable calculus February 2009

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